Streaming like a pro?

Last week I had the pleasure of live streaming an event from Holyrood, Edinburgh.

Highlights included the 10k run round Arthur’s Seat (no, not up) in the morning, having a plastic tub security cleared by security people with guns, forgetting to put my belt back on after security clearance, and getting to play with fun kit for a few hours.

Lowlight (but fun really) was having our setup time cut from a comfortable 2 hours, to a rather tight 40 minutes.

I’d like to make the output more professional (especially from a post production editing point of view) but I do feel I’m getting the hang of live streaming. At the moment the kit is a bit of ‘what can we throw at it’ and included:

2 x Canon XA10 cameras on tripods
1 x rather large Mac (it’s all we had!)
1 x Allen&Heath Zed10 USB mixer (taking a feed from the front of house mix, plus adding in a second mic for our stream ‘reporter’)
1 x OBS Studio which I really like…
1 x rather reliable 4G modem / router
Lots x gaffer tape

It’s a lot of fun. I’ll post some more as I’m hoping to be able to do more of this in the coming year…

Author: Andy

Actually have no idea what I am doing. Live in Sheffield with my wife and three kids. That's about all there is to it.

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