#SBATOL Week 3

It has been a good week.

I ran a few times – 16 miles total including a 10 miler, slightly by accident, I swam, and I cycled more than I have in ages – 40 miles this week I think.

The cycling included 14 miles of something called “Mountain Biking” which, as far as I can tell, involves a lot of peddling hard up hill for a long time, and then short bursts of hurtling down hill trying to avoid rocks. It was a lot of fun. Certainly something I would like to do more of, though I reckon I would need to lose quite a lot of fear to be any good at it.

I also cycled to and from my physio session on Thursday. Physio was useful again, it’s only a couple of weeks in but my back is feeling stronger and I am moving more freely. I’m not going to speak too soon about it as my back pain comes and goes anyway so I may just be in an easy patch at the moment.

I feel like I have the motivation back to do the long slow running trip at the weekend – the great weather really helps with that! If I have nailed this then it means I need to focus on speed a bit more during the week. The only disappointment this week from a running point of view was that Monday didn’t pan out as I expected and I ended up not running. I was hoping to try for three miles at 8min miles on Monday. That will have to wait till Friday now.

Here’s the summary.

Swim – 1200m
Bike – 44 miles
Run – 16 miles

Coke – 2 cans, 1 bottle
Chocolate – too much
Extra snack – most days again.

Author: Andy

Actually have no idea what I am doing. Live in Sheffield with my wife and three kids. That's about all there is to it.

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