#SBATOL Update week 4 & 5

The fact that this is two weeks squashed in to one post could tell you it’s going to be a long post but it isn’t.

Not great on the whole move more thing for a couple of weeks – I’ve been pretty active but each time has felt vaguely unsuccessful, either the run was too short, or too slow, or I didn’t bother going, or my knee hurt.

Nothing to write home about.

Three Signs it’s time to quit your job

LinkedIn seems to only be about management strategy and recruitment, but it does mean that sometimes you see posts like this one that I saw recently entitled “Nine Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job”. It made me wonder what other signs there were that maybe it was time to move on. So here are three of my own:

  1. You accidentally left your axe embedded in the desk of your least favourite colleague.
  2. You forgot to take your bosses’ shoes out of the microwave.
  3. No matter how hard you try you can’t get rid of the permanent marker from the photocopier glass.

I am sure there are more. What do you reckon?


Shout out today to the very remarkable Heather Burns and all those involved in WordPress 4.9.6 which landed today. It’s the one with the privacy stuff…

If you run WordPress you should be notified of the available update any time now.

Things to jump out straight away – the ease at which a Privacy Policy can be added. I know, it doesn’t sound like much, adding pages is a fundamental of WordPress really but the fact you can instruct WP to create a new page and that adds in the headings and starter content for you to consider is excellent.

The data export and data erase tools come in to play too, which is nice. Oh, and WP have added some PHP polyfills to core.

All in all – a very handy update.

Unlikely things to say

I recently had the pleasure of setting up a WordPress install for a client who already had GoDaddy hosting.

I won’t say this too loud or often, and hopefully no one will read this anyway, but I was pleasantly surprised by the GoDaddy WordPress hosting that he had – it included SSH access, default plugins that seemed to be useful rather than hinder, and most impressive was the inclusion of a full staging area, with quick and simple deployment options.

A staging area is, in my experience, missed off the list of things to use by so many, it was good to see this done on what has to be said is a very low budget hosting solution.

#SBATOL Week 3

It has been a good week.

I ran a few times – 16 miles total including a 10 miler, slightly by accident, I swam, and I cycled more than I have in ages – 40 miles this week I think.

The cycling included 14 miles of something called “Mountain Biking” which, as far as I can tell, involves a lot of peddling hard up hill for a long time, and then short bursts of hurtling down hill trying to avoid rocks. It was a lot of fun. Certainly something I would like to do more of, though I reckon I would need to lose quite a lot of fear to be any good at it.

I also cycled to and from my physio session on Thursday. Physio was useful again, it’s only a couple of weeks in but my back is feeling stronger and I am moving more freely. I’m not going to speak too soon about it as my back pain comes and goes anyway so I may just be in an easy patch at the moment.

I feel like I have the motivation back to do the long slow running trip at the weekend – the great weather really helps with that! If I have nailed this then it means I need to focus on speed a bit more during the week. The only disappointment this week from a running point of view was that Monday didn’t pan out as I expected and I ended up not running. I was hoping to try for three miles at 8min miles on Monday. That will have to wait till Friday now.

Here’s the summary.

Swim – 1200m
Bike – 44 miles
Run – 16 miles

Coke – 2 cans, 1 bottle
Chocolate – too much
Extra snack – most days again.

So much to learn

Or: Things what I would like to do but will probably not get round to doing.

1 – Build my own bike
2 – Be an architect
3 – Play the piano
4 – Speak confidently about that which I believe to be true
5 – Build a wall
6 – Sing and mean it

It’s a growing list, and one that I’m not sure I will be able to tick much (if anything) off. 

Importantly, it’s not a list of regrets. I think it’s more a list of things of things that I admire in other people.

Sand and sunset

Sand and sunset, my first experiment with layer masks.

Every now and again I decide to play around with the more ‘arty’ features of Photoshop. I’m fine with it from a design a website point of view (though it’s not really the way I do that anymore) but, when it comes to using it for art projects and things like that, I know my limitations.

It makes sense to try to push the limitations though. Here is a very simple first attempt at layer masks and brushes. 

This week on #SBATOL

Things have been going ok in terms of actually moving more, since I last updated I think I’ve been out running every week, usually on more than one occasion, I posted my longest run for a while (still way off the required distance for October, but that’s ages away!), I’ve cycled to the office when possible and I’ve been swimming a few times. I felt pretty guilty for not going last week ‘because it was raining’ but I’ve got over that.

I have also, for the first time in ages, seen a physio to talk about my lower back pain and associated issues with not being able to move around like a normal human being.

I went to The Treatment Space which is in one of my favourite Sheffield work spaces – Sum Studios. I saw the very helpful Carolyn who moved me around, poked me, and generally made me feel rather uncomfortable but in one of those ‘a room has to get messy before it gets tidy’ kind of ways.

Carolyn suggested a few things, talked about the fact that generally I don’t move too well, and then stuck some needles into my lower back. Acupuncture isn’t one of those things that I thought I would go for. I am not really sure whether it has any real base in science (shock – the internet isn’t the easiest place to separate fact from fiction here), it still feels a lot like voodoo, but I am pretty sure it helped last week, the follow up exercises have definitely helped and I am very much open to the idea of giving this enough time to make sure it works!

This week in numbers:

Swim – 1200m
Bike – 10 miles
Run – 16 miles

Coke – 3 cans (improvement!)
Chocolate – too much
Extra snack – most days