Press Start

At the weekend Isaac and I attended a great event called Press Start – it’s a semi regular event held at a nearby church and mostly involves playing on old school consoles such as the SNES, Megadrive and so on. This month PacMan was on a large screen and I think I set the high score on Tetris on the Gameboy plugged into a SNES. It’s a marvelous setup with coffee, donuts and even the tuck shop to give the whole event that sweaty / sticky / noisy arcade feel from the 90s. Isaac loved it (though he would like to be better at the games…)

Anyway. Inspired by that, and my current drawing of hands I submit to you, loyal reader, two of my latest sketches… I shall call them “Hand” and “Press Start”

A hand. Potentially using the force Luke. Though that wasn’t the intention.
Select. Start. Such happiness in this picture.

Just a little reminder that I put more images over on Instagram – @iamalsoandy is my name over there.

Inking it

For my birthday last year I asked for stuff to encourage me to draw. I was given, among other things, a really nice set of pens and inks from my dad. They really are rather fine.

I wanted to get better with ink before drawing with them but I realised that wasn’t the right way to go with it so here you go, my first #DrawEveryDay with pen and ink. More to follow.

Draw Every Day – January

I’m not sure how to best summarise the month of sketching. Here’s a little overview in one image of some of them. It has been fun. My aim was to draw every day in January and I’ve done that. Which I am pleased with. I don’t want to stop, but I think I need to revise the plan a little as I’m not sure I’m going to manage every day… Also, my phone camera won’t focus on anything which is a pain. I’m having to take pictures of my sketches using the face camera of my phone. It’s not easy.

Anyway – here is my month of #DrawEveryDay

Attempt at Anna

One of the great benefits of #DrawEveryDay has been that my children, especially Anna, have been keen to join in. They have, over the last few weeks, asked if we could draw together more times than in the whole of last year. It has been lovely. This has been aided slightly by the fact that all three of them were given different art equipment as Christmas presents. It has resulted in sitting round the table with our paper and pencils just drawing.

Last night Anna asked is we could sketch instead of reading and then said “let’s do self portraits of each other”. After a quick lesson in what a self portrait actually is, and then ascertaining that Anna actually wanted to do portraits of each other we sat down on opposite sides of the table and drew.

I realised quite quickly that while my drawing skills are improving I have no ability to actually make my sketch of a person look like a specific person. So, below is my attempt at Anna. Safe to say it looks nothing like Anna, but when Isaac saw it he said “Just call the picture ‘Girl’ and you’re sorted”.

After that short introduction, I present ‘Girl’.