#SBATOL Summary

In a vague attempt to lose a few pounds, and get ready for the York triathlon I’m bringing back the old, and very short lived, #SBATOL.

This week has been encouraging. Two runs, a (slightly shorter than planned) game of squash, a swim, cycling to work, and generally eating less junk than previous weeks.

The amount of food consumed is still too much, and I’ve tried to reduce the amount of Coke I’m drinking, but three mid-week bottles have snuck in.

The squash was frustrating as my left foot hurt quite a lot every time I stood on it, which made playing squash quite tricky. There were three of us playing last night so while I wasn’t on the court I had a go at a Beep Test (remember those?!) – which proved to be rather hard work but very satisfying. I reckon I’ll give it another go next time I’m off court.

The Friday run (today) was my first outing using Sian’s old TomTom watch – long story short, she lost it, bought a Garmin instead, and then found Tom. It’s nice, so I’m using it. It has the option to set workouts / targets and things like that so I went with a 3 x 1mile interval thing with 0.2 mile rests in between and I started by trying to go at sub 8 minute miles but quickly realised I’m way off that pace. My faster pace was more like 9 minute miles. Still – I ran. It counts.

Anyway – this week in numbers:

Swim – 1200m
Bike – 12 miles
Run – 12 miles

Coke – 3 bottles
Chocolate – too much
Extra snack – most days

I’m on it…

*I actually wrote this a year ago, but who wants to admit to leaving it a year between blog posts? So I changed the published date. I’m still mostly a tub of lard, and still hoping to work on it…*

Here we go… #SBATOL (Stop Being A Tub Of Lard) day one. I know it’s not an original topic for a blog starting point, but I don’t really care. I may get more focused and work based in my thinking as I start writing again, I might not.

But for now #SBATOL day one… things I’ve avoided so far:

  1. The biscuits in the middle of the office
  2. Popping to the shop at lunch time
  3. Saying “yes please” when other popped to the shop at lunch time
  4. Chocolate on the way to work.

Things still to achieve today:

  1. Actually run home
  2. Don’t suggest cake tonight.