Side on at 60mph

The car didn’t stop at the lights. That much was true. The fact that the lights were green at the time didn’t seem to concern the police officer standing over Martin who, frankly, looked like he wanted a good reason to try out the gun that currently sat, holstered but unclipped, by his side.

It probably didn’t even have to be a good reason. Any reason would do. One chance to take out the gun, release the safety, and empty the clip into anyone he could find.

Martin didn’t want to die. Ok, that was not completely true. He didn’t want to die just yet. Not for another 37 minutes. But he didn’t want to be blamed for killing the idiot who must have jumped a red light. There was no way Martin could have stopped in time. Nor should he have had to, given that his light was green. And green, as far as he remembered, meant go. That is the reason his car hadn’t stopped at the lights. That is the reason Martin hit the idiot, who must have jumped a red light, side on at 60mph. That is why Martin met Officer Loaded Gun. That is why Martin was going to be late. And today was not a good day to be running late.

Martin looked at the ground. He had his shoes on the wrong feet.

This, of course, didn’t matter when the bomb went off.


Swimming is nice.

6 x 25m at a slow pace
16 x 25m at a faster pace
6 x 25m at a slow pace
11 x 25m slow/25m faster

Enjoyable. And feel like I could have done more.

Maybe I should have done more. Slight aside, I love the fact the swimming pool felt the need to have a yellow hazard sign warning people about wet floors in the shower.

Succeeding at last

He wasn’t expecting that to work. Finally he had managed to succeed.

Unfortunately, his attempted suicide was supposed to be just that. An attempt. A cry for help. A final shout into the crowd of people who so often failed to acknowledge his very being. And now, it wasn’t a cry, it wasn’t a shout, it was a suicide. An end. But also, he realised as he looked down at his lifeless body, a beginning. The beginning of what he did not know. But he intended to find out. He was pretty sure it couldn’t get any worse than the crap that had been the previous.

Maybe this will be ok, he thought as he picked up his bag, stepped over his former shell, and headed out of the hotel. Strange. His bag had traveled with him to the afterlife. But not his hat. That remained on the floor. He had liked the hat. Though the pool of blood it was now sat in meant he didn’t mind too much about leaving it behind.

Streaming like a pro?

Last week I had the pleasure of live streaming an event from Holyrood, Edinburgh.

Highlights included the 10k run round Arthur’s Seat (no, not up) in the morning, having a plastic tub security cleared by security people with guns, forgetting to put my belt back on after security clearance, and getting to play with fun kit for a few hours.

Lowlight (but fun really) was having our setup time cut from a comfortable 2 hours, to a rather tight 40 minutes.

I’d like to make the output more professional (especially from a post production editing point of view) but I do feel I’m getting the hang of live streaming. At the moment the kit is a bit of ‘what can we throw at it’ and included:

2 x Canon XA10 cameras on tripods
1 x rather large Mac (it’s all we had!)
1 x Allen&Heath Zed10 USB mixer (taking a feed from the front of house mix, plus adding in a second mic for our stream ‘reporter’)
1 x OBS Studio which I really like…
1 x rather reliable 4G modem / router
Lots x gaffer tape

It’s a lot of fun. I’ll post some more as I’m hoping to be able to do more of this in the coming year…