Cartoon Collection #1

Megan Higgins Illustration

Following on from my mention of Chris Jevons the other week I thought I would mention another illustrator who I am very much enjoying following on Instagram at the moment. Megan Higgins is an illustrator from Ohio who currently lives and work in Austria. She goes by the handle dogwoodfinch over on Instagram and draws some of the most fabulous things. Do take a look.

Press Start

At the weekend Isaac and I attended a great event called Press Start – it’s a semi regular event held at a nearby church and mostly involves playing on old school consoles such as the SNES, Megadrive and so on. This month PacMan was on a large screen and I think I set the high score on Tetris on the Gameboy plugged into a SNES. It’s a marvelous setup with coffee, donuts and even the tuck shop to give the whole event that sweaty / sticky / noisy arcade feel from the 90s. Isaac loved it (though he would like to be better at the games…)

Anyway. Inspired by that, and my current drawing of hands I submit to you, loyal reader, two of my latest sketches… I shall call them “Hand” and “Press Start”

A hand. Potentially using the force Luke. Though that wasn’t the intention.
Select. Start. Such happiness in this picture.

Just a little reminder that I put more images over on Instagram – @iamalsoandy is my name over there.